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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Has Arrived!

Winter has officially arrived on Lockwood Farm. Up until this week we have had some unseasonably warm and mild weather.  But now snow and cold temperatures have finally arrived.

Although I am not a fan of winter I have to admit it is beautiful and cuddling with your favorite someone to keep you warm is nice.  But it is the winters of my youth that this weather brings back so many memories.  Wearing plastic bags inside your shoe boots so your feet didn't get wet, dressing with so many layers you couldn't move.  Playing outside making snow forts, ice skating, sledding and snowball fights.  We (the kids on Beech Street) would play outside all day until we went through several pairs of mittens and socks.
Do you remember the blizzard of 66?  I do!

 Vapors off Skaneateles Lake. This view always takes my breath away.

Before winter hits we cover our hives to keep the bees warm.  Having them wrapped can mean the difference between life and death for weaker colonies and good development in the rest.  They will feed off of the honey that has been left in the hives until spring.

 The lavender is now under a blanket of snow insulated from this mornings 6 degree temperature.

And even Grace is enjoying her first winter with us.  Although she is finding it hard to sniff out deer tracks she is having fun running and biting the snow.  It's hard to get her to come inside.

Winter always brings surprise and excitement in the barn.  Yesterday a new black baby lamb was born and I hope to take some picture sometime today. 

 Grace and I have been putting our thinking caps on and coming up with new ideas for the Finger Lakes Lavender Festival.  New artist, food and a few surprises have been planned.  Stay tuned!  To receive up to date information like us on facebook.


Robin Larkspur said...

Gorgeous photos, sweet doggie too! Love the view of the lake! Thanks for such a lovely post. Looking forward to seeing the baby lamb!

Passionate in the Finger Lakes said...

Great post Karen. I remember the winters of my childhood on a farm near Waneta and Lamoka lakes. I remember blizzards and seeing a wall of snow when opening the door. It was a great feeling to be snowbound, as long as the refrigerator was full. We were always prepared due to my mother's canning and freezing of the last summer's fruits and vegetables. Her hot baked breads and rolls were great after sled riding. Hope your bees are toasty warm.

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