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Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's a Girl!

Another black lamb was born yesterday and I had the opportunity to video a little mother and daughter communication. You can hear them baa to each other.

Sheep use smell in a number of ways. One way that is often observed is when smell is
used to identify other sheep, particularly when a ewe uses smell to pick out her lamb.
Ewes will stand during or shortly after the birth of their lamb and begin to nuzzle and lick.  This period, referred to as the "critical period" it is an important time for them to establish the maternal/offspring bond.  The licking/cleaning behavior, serves to stimulate the lamb while also drying it.  The cleaning is probably also part of the initial bonding process and is typically accompanied by low-pitched, gurgling vocalizations.  Lambs learn to recognize the characteristic voice of their Moms.

1 comment:

Passionate in the Finger Lakes said...

Karen,I can tell how excited you are over this new life! The video is beautiful, and thanks for sharing it.

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