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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Life After the Lavender Festival!

Summer Bouquet Honey harvest is here!  Gary and I are sticking together (honey humor) and determined to get all of our honey harvested before our wedding anniversary this week.

This week we reached the 20th day of over 90 degrees.  And being in a beekeepers suit is not one of my favorite things to do when it's so hot.  But again we have been blessed with some very productive honey bee and the honey can't wait.

Bee's at Work!

We have the Lavender Hill Mob to thank for our bounty of honey.

As many of our visitors to the farm have noted our bee's have been very busy in our lavender field this year.

And this is the results.

Our honey is sold in these 8 oz and 16 oz 1800's Antique Muth Bottles with cork.  A great gift for out of town guests or for yourself.  And after the nectar is gone is makes a great spice bottle or vase for flowers (lavender).

You can pick up some of our yummy honey at our Lavender Market on the farm every Saturday and Sunday from 9 -4 till Labor Day.

All of our Lavender has been harvested.  I still have some cleaning to do in the field.  Now we wait for some our lavender to bloom for a second time.  We will need some much needed rain for that to happen.

Gary and I have built some new racks for drying our lavender.  It is so much easier then hanging with paperclips and chains.

 Some will be sold for dried bouquets and the rest will be used for sachets.

 We have also had a few new additions to our flock of sheep.  Seeing a new born lamb never gets old.

Yes, I have played hooky a couple of time to go swimming in Skaneateles Lake.  Can you blame me...look at that view.  And the water temperature is oh so fine!

Looking towards the village of Skaneateles.

 The bee's still have some flowers to visit.

And as the sunsets over our field of sunflowers we know we have put in a good days work and fun!

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