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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lavender Wedding

One of the reasons Gary and I started growing lavender was because I wanted the fragrance and color in my wedding bouquet and in our floral arrangements for the reception.  Who knew 11 years later we would have over 2000 plants and helping others in decorating their own wedding.  

One of our many brides, Emily Lamarche visited our farm last year and picked her own bouquets of lavender for her July wedding.  I got caught up in the excitement of her wedding plans and how she was going to use the bouquets for her bridesmaids.  I was so thrilled to receive her wedding photos it brought back so many memories of my own wedding.

True lavender flowers have their own special meaning.  When given as a gift, lavender represent purity, silence and luck.  Lavender also convey a message of devotion, love and fidelity.

I love Emily's choice in bridesmaid dresses.

Beautiful bride and wedding party.  Thanks Emily for sharing!
Here are some ways to use lavender in your wedding.
For the Ceremony
1. Dried lavender buds for the flower girl to strew down the aisle fills the space with scent. As the bridesmaids follow, stepping on the buds releases even more fragrance to last the ceremony. (No one ever objects to the lingering scent of dried lavender in the vacuum cleaner)
2. Lavender buds in the ring bearers pillow scent the ceremony.  The pillow fragrance will last forever and can find a place on your bed to hold the memory and freshen your linens.
3. Bunches of dried lavender tied with big bows at each pew or row of chairs. 
4. Consider a Unity or Promise Candle made with lavender and soy wax to light at the wedding and anniversaries everafter.
5. Fresh or dried lavender in the Bridal and Bridesmaids bouquet for color and fragrance. 
6. As a wedding toss, dried lavender in little net bags can be given to each guest to toss at the departing Bride and Groom. It is a soft and fragrant toss that will not offend humans or birds.
For the Reception
7. Dried lavender mini-bouquets to attach to place cards give a rush of lavender scent as your guests arrive and also become an inexpensive keepsake.  Layer the natural fragrance with lavender stems in table arrangements from bud vase size to large arrangements.  
8. Lavender can enhance the food and beverage served at the Reception. Many delicious recipes are available to make lavender scented Cakes, ice cream, cookies and punch. A sprig of lavender in a glass of champagne makes a wonderful aperitif, for example.
After the Wedding
9. Store your wedding gown in a cloth bag or a large box with acid free paper and tuck in a lavender sachet to keep mustiness and moths away. Tuck lavender scented shoe stuffers into your shoes to keep them looking new and fresh.
10.  Send guests a thank you note with pressed lavender stems applied to stationary, or consider decorating your invitations, programs and thank you notes.

We would love to hear stories of how you brought lavender into your wedding!

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