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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello Santa!

Growing up my Mom aways added her special touches to Christmas. She would make a faux fireplace out of corrugated brick paper wrapped around a bookcase so we could hang our socks (not fancy stocking you buy at the store) for Santa to fill which would always have a clementines in the toe.  She made sure  Springerle cookies were made from my grandmothers lead German Springerle cookie mold. Even if the family recipe would make 10 dozen cookies and were hard as rocks. My Mom called them dunking cookies.  I think decorating the house with her ceramic village, holly garland and door decoration was her favorite thing to do to get in the spirit.

But my favorite holiday treat was when she would paint Santa on the picture window of our house.  She would find a graphic picture from our local newspaper and paint the image in reverse so it would be visable from the road.   Starting with the outline first and filling in the details.  Making sure Santa had a red, cherry nose.
Two years ago all I wanted for Christmas was once again she would paint a rendition on paper.  And once again my Mom was there.   It was a very emotional moment that brought back so many memories of my childhood.

My Mom is now 89 years and her memory is failing her, but her spirit and love of the holiday will always be here in my heart. I often wonder what memories my children will cherish.

Happy Holiday's from Lockwood Farm

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