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Sunday, November 20, 2011


It was calm, quiet and serene, as I strolled around our farm this morning having to admit to myself that the fall season is quickly coming to a end.

The corn has been harvested.

and the lavender is resting.

I am resigned to the fact that I will be spending a great deal of my time inside during the winter months. Watching over mounds of snow piling up over our lavender.  Did I mention that I hate winter.  I hate being cold and having to wear layers and layers of clothes to the point that you can't move. But I have enough to keep me busy planning next years lavender festival, new landscaping ideas and hopefully a new educational and drying barn. Our goal on the farm is to hold workshops and educate the public about agriculture in our area.  I hope it's more than just a dream. 

We changed our lambing season this year and decided to have them in the fall instead of the spring.  Plus one the Rams got out of his pen and we just let him stay.  

So for the next couple of weeks we will be seeing a lot of these little cuties.

And hopefully not to many will need some assistance.

All of our fall Autumn Harvest honey has been harvested.  And the hives will be wrapped with construction paper today to keep the hives warm during our cold winter.

You can find our Summer Bouquet honey while supplies last at:  The Sherwood Inn, Fennell Market and Creekside Books & Coffee.  Our Autumn Harvest honey is also available upon request.

Make sure you  check out Lockwood Lavender Farm products displayed at Creekside Books & Coffee.  They have a full line of  our lavender products.  If they are out of stock of a item please let them know and they can order it for you.

And watch for more products on ETSY.

It's been a beautiful and fulfilling season.
But it's time to take a much needed rest.

Even Grace is dreaming of  days she can run in the lavender field again.

Next weeks blog:  It's A Wonderful...Shop

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