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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

She said YES!

A little over a month ago I received a email from Ian.

Hi there!

My name is Ian and I heard about your farm from my girlfriends family (who live in Skaneateles and Marcellus) and mentioned that your grounds are beautiful.  In fact, last time we were up there earlier this summer, one of her cousins was going to a lavender picking fest at your farm I believe.

I'm writing to see if you'd be willing to help out with a strange request - I'm taking my girlfriend on a surprise trip up to Skaneateles (we live in Pittsburgh) at the end of this month, and I want to ask her an important question on a picnic.  Question is - where to picnic?  In secretly brainstorming ideas with her cousin, she suggested that I talk to you guys to see if you'd be willing to allow us to have a picnic on your grounds.  It would be on Saturday Aug 27th, perhaps around 1pm-ish. 

So what do you think?  I'd be more than happy to pay a fee for us to picnic on your grounds for an hour or two.  Let me know what you think - and thanks for your time.

- Ian

Of course I knew what the important question was.  And being true romantic's, Gary and I couldn't refuse.  And after a few back and forth emails we had a plan.  Ian's thought was to have a secluded place on the farm overlooking Skaneateles Lake.  So after a month of preparation and one of our fields of alphalfa cut we had a spot. We kept our fingers crossed that the weather was going to be perfect.
Ian had the whole weekend planned.  He surprised Elizabeth with this trip to her grandmothers in Marcellus, NY by arranging for her to get Friday off from work, planned a Hot Air Balloon ride over the Finger Lakes region and stayed at one of the best places in the area, Hobbit Hollow Bed & Breakfast in Skaneateles.   This is one lucky girl!

Gary and I thought this was a perfect spot.  We had our first picnic together here.  Boloney and potato chip sandwiches never tasted so good.

So peaceful...these pictures don't do it justice.

So with Elizabeth at Mirbeau Spa for a surprise spa treatment.  Ian showed up with a blanket, umbrella and a small table to hold two wine glasses.  My only question to him was how was he going to get her here and explain that they were going to have a picnic on someone's private property.  I think Ian was so focused on the important question he didn't think about how he was going to explain where they were going to go for a picnic.  So my suggestion was that he and Elizabeth come into our shop and ask if there was a place to have a picnic.  And I would offer having a picnic under our gazebo or a place in the field overlooking the lake.

But when they arrived Elizabeth wouldn't get out of the car.  She thought Ian was a little crazy to ask a stranger to have a picnic on there property.  But after some coaxing we let her make the decision as to where to have the picnic and luckily she chose the view of the lake.
So with picnic basket in hand...
 And a lovely view...
Has he asked her yet?

 And with a smile on their face.

 The answer was YES!  Did you see that ROCK?
We love making people smile!
  Best of luck and much happiness.  We can't wait to see the wedding pictures.

Herbs bring centuries of tradition, loving sentiments for the bridal couple, and wonderful—some say therapeutic—fragrances to the wedding day.  During the middle ages lavender was considered to be the "herb of love". 
Read more about it: 

Lavender: devotion, undying love, luck


Robin Larkspur said...

A sweet story! You and Gary are wonderful to help this young man with the Big Question!

Passionate in the Finger Lakes said...

Karen, I absolutely love this post! Your grounds are the most lovely spot for making special memories.
Heard that you were down my way and I missed you. Maybe next time, let me know.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Fest this year. Cathy

Karen Wheeler - Lockwood said...

Hi Cathy,

We are so sorry we couldn't stop by to see you. We had so many chores to do that day.

Christy said...

This is the best story! I love the romance you guys create-such a gift.

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