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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Philadelphia: Part 2

After our stay in Philadelphia we head home with a few stops along the way.

First stop, Whole Foods.  Where ever we travel we always seek out a Whole Foods Store.  If you have never been to one you are truly missing something.   
This neighborhood seed store sprouted into a chain of more than 300 retail outlets in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom transforming food shopping from a task into an event within 30 years. All the while promoting principles for healthier eating and sustainable farming. 

Just look how they display their vegetables.

Next stop IKEA.
Gary and I will travel 4 hours to just going shopping at IKEA.
Two hours later...
New desk, cabinet for the lavender market and other goodies in tow.
 Back on the road we kept seeing signs for the World's Largest General Store.  So.....we had to stop. 
Imagine a company that adds something new every time a customer asks for it.  That's basically how, the company called The Service Team, became Country Junction,"World's Largest General Store".  Just take at look at there store.

Are you the market for a Dinosaur?

Yes,  you can even buy chickens.

And then there is the petting zoo.

Whoa...I am not petting this.  Actually this is just a statue you can have in your yard.  I wonder if this would keep the voles away in our yard?  Where will our next adventure take us to?


Robin Larkspur said...

Holy Moly! Dinosaurs and komodo dragons?! Odd,indeed. Now the Ikea and Whole foods I would love!!

Bachar Farms said...

What fun!! I love that general store and so do my girls! Just wanted to stop by and say what a lovely blog. My husband and I just started raising Icelandic sheep in Skaneateles last year. would love to go to the Lavender Festival this year. By the way do you raise llamas? We are in the market for a guard llama. Check out our blog sometime.
Take Care.

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