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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Eagle, Owl or Hawk?

We often get visitors on the farm, some I take more notice then others.  After a day of shopping I came home to a loud squawking bird sitting in our maple tree outside our house and no other birds in sight.  The noise alone was enough to scary any living creature away.  I ran to get my camera before he/she disappeared (which usually happens). 

After posting the pictures on facebook. The search was on for what kind of bird it was.

Some of the guesses were: owl, eagle or hawk.  

After many friends researching...

It's a Cooper's Hawk.  Take a look at Cornell's Ornithology web site and listen to the birds call. I hope he/she will stick around to help get rid of our vole population.

1 comment:

Robin Larkspur said...

Beautiful photos, you were lucky he hadnt flown off before you got the camera. The voles ate all the roots of our summer squash, cukes and acorn squash this past summer. Very disheartening.

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