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Friday, October 1, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Gary and I are planning a trip to Maui, Hawaii for our vacation this year. And I promised him I would hike Haleakala Volcano Crater.  So I have been walking everyday through our farmland to get in shape.  And today I thought I would take you along.

My first stop is usually the lavender field to see how active the bees are.

I can't wait to see the results of the honey from our buckwheat planting.

 The lavender is ready for winter.

I'm in the process of building a new stone wall to protect the lavender from our harsh winds.

 Ah yes, our tree table.  Our visitors to the farm all seem to be fascinated by this table.  This tree was in the process of dieing and had to be cut down.  And because I like to make do with what we have it is now a great table for entertaining and for educational workshops.

It was fairly easy to make. With a level, string and a steady hand we did our best to cut the different trunks to size and finished with pressure treated wood. We are still working on some seating.

Along the way I try to find photo opportunities.

I usually plant gourds every year, but this year I ran out of time to plant the seeds.  But I found these growing near my compost pile.

Gary and I painted the barn and the silo last year.  He wanted to paint the silo lavender.  As you can see I won out with white.

 The last of our plum tomatoes ripe on the vine.

 This is called Northern Sea Oats.  Its a great ornamental grass that drys beautifully.


Lockwood Creek runs through our property and after a heavy rain you can find water spilling over the rocks.

 Kitty decided to join me on this adventure.

 wild grapes

This roads take us to where the sheep graze and most of the farming takes place.

Sheep pasture

This corn is ready to be harvested.

 Soon the leaves will be turning.

Kitty thinks he can scale this corn stalk.

Over looking Skaneateles Lake.  Skaneateles Lake has been the primary drinking water source for the City of Syracuse since the 1890s and is one of approximately six unfiltered water sources in the country that provides drinking water to a major metropolitan area. 

 Lockwood Farm is a member of the Skaneateles Lake Watershed Agricultural Program.

A look back from the lake.  From here I trac back thought the fields.

The sheep don't know how to walk a straight line.

The sheep on there way back to the barn.

Back home!  Minus one Kitty.  He turned back before I got to the lake.


Robin Larkspur said...

What a wonderful posting, so many photos, all interesting. I especially like the pathway to the sheep field, and the view of Skaneatelas Lake. rosehips and wild grapes! And Kitty has beautiful markings. Thanks for the walk!

Anonymous said...

I would like to visit this farm.

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