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Sunday, August 1, 2010

How I long to lay in my hammock.

I've been feeling a little sad this week.  I feel the season is quickly passing me by and I haven't been able to take it all in.  Every year my husband puts up our hammock in one of our favorite spots in the garden.  And every year we don't have time or take the time to enjoy it before the end of the season.  Our day on the farm never ends and we do have responsibilities.
Here it sits amongst the weeds.

The lavender has been harvested for a couple of weeks and hanging in the barn. And the oats were harvested this weekend. 

The grain is harvested and the straw is left on the ground until it can be baled.

A truck full of oats.

An auger is set up to move the oats from the truck to a grain bin.  Where it will be stored until we sell it or is feed to the sheep.

The straw is then baled in round bales to be used as bedding for our sheep or sold to horse farms.

Blanket and George are getting bigger everyday. 

At least someone gets to take the day off.

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