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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Real Farmgirls Drive Skidsteers!

I have this desire to build rock walls.  No, an obsession.  In the spring time after my husband has plowed the field their is often a number of rocks that have to be removed.  And guess who gets that job.  Being that I don't like to see things go to waste...I build walls.  And I can not do that without a dear friend...my skidsteer, Rosey You see Rosey and I understand each other.  We both understand we have a job to do.  Hers is to have the power to lift heavy objects and move them ever so gentle in place. With me giving her direction.   

Oh, I have to admit I was at first intimidated by her. You see she holds the power, but I own the joystick.  If you have never driven a skidsteer you don't know what your missing.  Their is something about operating heavy machinery that empowers you.  I have yet to find anything I can't move.  One thing you learn right away is that a skidsteer does not have brakes.  And with the right moves you can turn on a dime.  It's like a computer game only with pedals.

It's great for hauling and helping plant lavender.
It takes a little skill, but you learn to move big boulders just where you want them.

My newest addition.  Rock wall 2010

Lupine just starting to bloom.

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