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Friday, February 5, 2010

Sleeping in Peace

During the winter months we are developing new products and in production of our excisting lavender products.  So I thought I would give some insight into the production of our dryer bags. 

After our lavender is harvested, small handfuls are bound with rubber bands and hung with paper clips in a warm, dark, dry spot in our drying barn. The bunches will dry in about a week.

After drying, we strip the buds from the stems and cleaned them with our vintage seed cleaner.
The buds are sifted through several screens.
The buds are then placed in large tea bags and sealed. 

Place one bag in the dryer with linens and lingerie.  The heat and tumbling releases the essence of lavender and the scent will help lull you to sleep.  Each bag will last 4 - 6 dryer loads.  Opening the dryer is almost therapeutic!  When a bag becomes wore, sprinkle onto rugs to fragrance your vacuum or use as a tub tea.

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