Our Farm & Lavender Market is closed for the season. We look forward to your visit in June 2016. You can find Lockwood Lavender Farm products in these retail locations. Like us on Facebook and receive up to date information on what's happening on the farm. You can find more information about the 2016 Finger Lakes Lavender Festival held July 9th & 10th, 2016 here.

Lockwood Farm Lavender Products

Lockwood Lavender Farm offers all natural lavender products and honey.
 Lavender and Rosewood
Herbal Hand and Body Lotion
Soothing Herbal Lavender and Rosewood Lotion with Shea Butter.  Perfect for hand and body. 
Our best selling product. $17.
 Lavender and Rosewood 
Hand and Body Liquid Soap
Soothing Herbal Lavender and Rosewood Liquid Soap.  Perfect for hand and body.  8 oz. $17.

Lavender Goat Soap
Lavender and Tea Tree Soap
Lavender and Rosemary Soap

$5 each
Lavender Bath Salts

Take time to relax!  This hinged decanter comes with French Sea Salts and lavender oil.  Lavender has long considered a soothing, relaxing botanical that melts stress and helps to calm both body and mind. Available in a 4 oz. hinged container $13. and a one application package $6. 

 Lavender and Balsam Balm
 Soothing Herbal Balm with Shea Butter
Lavender and Balsam will protect, soothe and enhance your skin in every season!  Men love this for their rough hands.  2oz. $15.

Lavender Hand Santizer
Lavender Herbal Hand Sanitizer has antibacterial essential oils of tea tree and lavender that make sanitizing your hands on the go easy and refreshing.  2oz. $6.

Lavender Candle
Our Lavender Candles is wonderfully fragrant and has a great aromatherapy affect and is calming and balanced. $12. 

Lavender Spritzer
Spritz fragrant lavender water on your linens for a restful night's sleep, as a room fresher or a refreshing body spray.  4fl oz. pump bottle $10.

Gardener's Hand Cream
Handcrafted using olive oil and shea butter for extra moisturizing relief for dry and cracked skin after a day in the garden.  Refreshingly scented with lavender, lemon and ginger essential oils.  4oz. $13.

Honey from the Lavender Hill Mob
 Our pure raw honey comes from our fields of lavender.
Available in one pound bottles and 8 oz jars.

You can find these and other Lockwood Lavender Farm products at:
Lockwood Lavender Farm (open June - July)
If you can not find one of our products at the above stores please let us know and we can make arrangements.  email:  lockwoodfarm@aol.com


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the Lavender and Balsam Herbal Balm. Smells heavenly, lasts really long and adds just a wonderful touch of moisture to my skin. +It might be my imagination, but I'd swear it calms me overload stresses and all. Thanks Lockwood. Liz Cayuga County NY

Karen Wheeler - Lockwood said...

Thank you for your comment about our Lavender and Balsam Hand Balm. We are glad to hear it helps to relax you with everyday stress.

Gregorio Silliman said...

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